Audio Book Production - Editing - Mastering - Manufacturing


Audio Book Recording for Publishers:

The Art: There is a point at which the recording of an audio book takes on an art form. It begins with an acoustically perfect environment. From there the audio signal path makes a significant contribution. The quality of the reader is of course paramount, though the director's input is what brings the talent into focus.

The audio editing process has a tremendous impact, and of course the finalizing and other post production elements bear a great weight on the final outcome. 

In the end, your audio book produced and recorded by AudioBrite will provide world class enjoyment to listeners. In today's competitive media environment, nothing less can achieve commercial success.

A Turnkey Audio Production Solution:

The Product: All under one roof, we provide every service related to audio book production: recording, abridgment, editing, mastering and manufacturing. We provide publishers not only with a terrific product, but also a stress-free experience.

Our readers have some of the best Golden Voices on the East Coast. And yet our affordability makes the publishing of an audio product realistic.

Whether your audio comes to us for simply editing and other post production services, or if you take advantage of our entire start-to-finish range of services; we will bring out the best in your books.